Thursday, July 27, 2006


這是剛剛發現的一張向Radiohead致敬專輯,名叫"Radiodread",選曲來自OK Computer專輯,而曲風是繼classical之後個人認為最吸引的dub reggae。在這一張Radiodread之前,其實Easy Records已經推出過一張Dub Side Of The Moon,而選曲當然就是來自Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon了。

Various Artists - Radiodread
1. Airbag (featuring Horace Andy)
2. Paranoid Android (featuring Kirsty Rock)
3. Subterranean Homesick Alien (featuring Junior Jazz)
4. Exit Music (For A Film) (featuring Sugar Minott)
5. Let Down (featuring Toots & The Maytals)
6. Karma Police (featuring Citizen Cope)
7. Fitter Happier (featuring Menny More)
8. Electioneering (featuring Morgan Heritage)
9. Climbing Up The Walls (featuring Tamar-kali)
10. No Surprises (featuring The Meditations)
11. Lucky (featuring Frankie Paul)
12. The Tourist (featuring Israel Vibration)
Bonus Tracks:
13. Exit Music (For A Dub)
14. An Airbag Saved My Dub

Easy Star Records
Kwaya Na Kisser

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