Tuesday, May 23, 2006

打令 (七) - Memory Blackmail

The Darlings - Memory Blackmail

Legendary Mystery Daddy is talking to me
I'm not the one, not the son from the fallen sun
Silently telling me what a man i should be

Legendary History Daddy is caressing me
Flipping thru browsing thru my memory box
Hopefully peacefully hypnotizing all my beliefs

"I am just not your lip-sync"

"You taught me breathing!"
"I started believing!"
"I should be grateful"
But you and I should never try

I wasn't in white, I wasn't in black
I was in deepred-carribean-tan
I wasn't here, I wasn't there
I am(not) a lady do u understand?

I felt like I am a crab
Memory Blackmail

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