Tuesday, August 26, 2008

LoveMotel archive

(from LoveMotel archive)

OK, for those who considered LoveMotel a classic, we're back in business. For those who think great things should not go unrecognized, but ... who are they? Here it is: the LoveMotel archive. The official word is you can freely distribute these songs and share with anyone who want to hear them. They were never formally published. Appreciate.

Who was LoveMotel?

In around 2000, there were four guys running around making Hong Kong's grunge music really great. That's LoveMotel. Check this playlist. Do not forget:

Demo 2001 was the only serious recording by LoveMotel which was supposed to lead to recording of the formal CD. You want to get this for the shear enjoyment of LoveMotel.

On Your Own Original Soundtrack

This was recorded for an independent film "On Your Own". According to Pong, the songs were recorded in HKAPA quickly, and thus the quality. You might notice a marked lacking of track names. Very smart. Here is the answer:

only first few cuts had jammed before recording. else is instant one day work out during studio tracking in HKAPA

no trk name really.

So please let everyone know. Once, there was LoveMotel.

LoveMotel: Vocal/John, Guitar/Pong, Bass/Kar Kit, Drums/Steve

*all mistakes, if any, are mine.

LoveMotel archive - http://bun.asiaone.net/LoveMotel.html

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