Friday, March 09, 2007

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Free Download
starfruit - Like Stars We Shine
theme music of HEROES : Just For One Day
the Exhibition

music by starfruit
words by arnold fang

Open the curtains
before I realize
I’m just a hero for a day
Who will be certain
If they won’t forget
whatever song I’m gonna play

On this stage like stars we shine
But the night’s not ours to take
Before we want to know
The day is gonna break
Tomorrow… it will be fine
and I’m just another face
walking by this vain, starry space

How many people are we gonna claim
It’s just a battle of the day
We win and we lose, have our shares of fame and shame
Then for our meals we toil and pay

So we swim against the tide when the night is here to stay
And we claim the sea with a pride that people love to hate
When the shoals they turn around and make some other waves
Lost we are in this vain starry space

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